The tools you need to bring your business idea to life.

Like the emotion of love, the art and science of design are often at a loss for words in describing the shape, form, and function of an inventor’s idea.

Prototyping is the act of transforming your ideas and visions into something tangible that others can interact with. It’s a hands-on method to uncover truths and insights about your product, your potential customers, and your target market. 

How is this course designed?

Entrepreneurship is immersed in ambiguity. This class gives you a safe space to explore the challenges associated with this type of environment. As such, this isn't a sleeper course. It is an intensive, hands-on, bootcamp-style online experience to help you internalize entrepreneurial methods in prototyping and customer validation.

The course will equip you with the tools and insights to quickly build experiments for your hardware, software, and service concepts to gain real customer feedback and initial traction. You will take part in hands-on activities, become familiar with the latest prototyping tools, and leverage the Rapid Innovation Cycle - a process that helps kickstart the development of new and innovative products and services.

Dr. Chris McCoy has taught prototyping to students in top-ranked MBA programs since 2011. Instead of being prescriptive, he will pilot this online course as a series of weekly live sessions to give you the full benefit of his expertise and to learn how to best tailor the material for you!

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Weekly Schedule

The course will be delivered as a series of five live workshops running 7:00-8:30 am PST every Friday from June 5 to July 3.

Week 1: Introduction to the Rapid Innovation Cycle

Meet the Rapid Innovation Cycle (RIC) - a research-based innovation and market-testing framework for developing new products and services. This will give you a lens to analyze your market opportunity and a step-by-step process to ground your work in the coming weeks.

Week 2: Service Prototyping

Many successful companies are driven by their high-quality services and customer experiences. You don't have to open a brick-and-mortar store or visit clients in-person to build a successful service business. Learn how to develop, prototype, and validate a new service without breaking the bank using tools like concierging.

Week 3: Software Prototyping 

As the world quickly goes digital, so does the need to develop both quick-and-dirty to life-like software and mobile app prototypes. Learn about the Crazy 8s methodology, the SmartPad and Prototyping on Paper (PoP), and how to measure your product's traction in the unforgiving marketplace. 

Week 4: Hardware Prototyping

Go from zero to physical part or prototype at light speed with a variety of low-fidelity to high-fidelity tools. From “office hacking” to “48-hour prototyping," you’ll learn how to build exactly what you need within your time constraints.

Week 5: Global Prototypathon

Now that you've learned the essential tools and concepts, do you believe you have what it takes to develop the next big thing in less than 48 hours?  Well, the final week is your chance to prove it in an action-packed, 48-hour global Prototypathon. You’ll be tackling relevant challenges with required prototyping ingredients that are both customer-validation focused and a barometer for your newfound skills.

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What past students say

Fede Pacheco, MBA

Changes your mindset forever!

Fede Pacheco, MBA

You’ll learn about the importance of prototyping for just any business, discover thousands of tools, and get your hands dirty over and over again. Chris will make sure you have fun and grow at the same time!

Your Learning Experience

  • World-Class Instruction

    Learn directly from a top-tier business instructor and Silicon Valley industry leaders.

  • Live Access

    Attend weekly live sessions with Chris and expert team facilitators.

  • Global Collaboration

    Prototype alongside professionals and alumni around the globe.

About the Instructor

Dr. Chris McCoy earned his PhD in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley and a Management of Technology certificate from the Haas School of Business. In 2010 he went to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid on a Fulbright grant and taught the first edition of Hands-on Rapid Prototyping there. The course content has since been adopted at IE Business School and UC Berkeley Haas and consistently rated as one of the best MBA electives available. After completing his PhD, Chris consulted for a large California utility company, where he helped develop internal work-management software and led executive teams through technical governance. Chris left consulting to build You3Dit Inc., a company which helps people bring their ideas to life via a global network of designers and fabricators. You3Dit has now worked with large companies (e.g., Cisco Systems and Analog Devices) and startups alike and is a SkyDeck Accelerator company.
About the Instructor

Rapid Prototyping

From zero to prototype in light speed.